Fire Extinguisher Pressure Testing

As a requirement under the Australian AS1851 standards pressure testing(a process called hydrostatic testing ) must be performed on all portable fire extinguishers every five years (from the manufacture date ). Brisbane Fire are a registered and qualified fire extinguisher service organisation. If an extinguisher is discharged, even partially, it needs to be refilled.

Pressure Testing involves completely discharging the extinguisher (ie it has to be emptied) and if the fire extinguisher passes the pressure test, it then will be recharged.  If an extinguisher fails the hydrostatic pressure test it will need to be disposed correctly. Aain leave this to the experts as there are rules that need to be conformed to!

Depending on the type of fire equipment due for pressure testing it is sometimes more economical to replace them. We’re all about saving our client money and so if this is the case we’ll let you know before we do the test.