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Who we are

Brisbane Fire Safety Management services all of Brisbane including to the south and country areas. Our primary focus is to ensure fire protection, and fire compliance easy for families and businesses.  Therefore, we make it easy whether you are the property owner or an employee managing the fire equipment.

Brent Walker, managing director, has been in the industry for over 25 years. He is a well-regarded expert in his field. Brent has a wealth of real experience to bring to the table. He began servicing and supplying fire equipment to Brisbane’s northside. So, the business quickly grew to include the whole of the south-east area.

Brents’ vision:

Our customers will receive the right advice on fire safety every time and we will be an easy personable company to deal with. We will do this by employing highly experienced technicians who offer a genuine commitment to proving incredible customer service.

Legal requirements

The Queensland Fire laws that ensure your employees and property remains fire compliant are ever-changing. Never ending changes can be stressful. We see it as our duty to take that pressure away from you by pro-actively keeping you abreast of what is happening in the industry. Also, most importantly, you remain fire complaint.

Servicing fire equipment every six months is required by law. So, if you are in Brisbane (north or south) and need fire extinguisher servicing or fire safety equipment servicing, we can offer full-service contracts. You’ll never again need to worry about remembering what’s due when. That’s our job, and we love it.

All our technicians are qualified tradesmen who can service all of your fire safety equipment and provide Pressure testing. Additionally, we stock a fully compliant range of fire prevention equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hoses.