What Fire Extinguisher for which Fire?


This is where confusion sets in and where the experience of Brisbane Fire Safety is invaluable. You need advice you can trust.

North or South Brisbane and looking for Fire Extinguisher sales, fire safety equipment, fire systems installed or servicing of any fire equipment then we can help you.

There are several types of portable fire extinguishers available in Australia and each one does a different job. In some cases, particular extinguishers are not only considered ineffective against certain classes of fire, but they can also be outright dangerous if used in those circumstances.

Portable fire extinguishers come in a range of sizes and ratings, and the higher the rating, the larger the fire it can be used on. Each type of extinguisher may be rated for one or more classes of fire. However, larger and heavier extinguishers (which generally have the higher ratings) can be more difficult to handle, especially for persons of a lighter build.

We’ll work with you in establishing the type of fires your business could expect and then assist in providing the correct equipment as cost-effectively as we can however for some further information please browse through the options: