Marine Fire Suppression Systems

Marine Fire Safety requires and is regulated by a totally different set of standards. Specialist knowledge is required as these suppression systems are designed to protect gasoline and diesel engine compartments on boats and inspected marine vessels.

FM200 Gaseous Agent Systems

We at Brisbane Fire Safety Management are certified in marine fire suppression systems. These systems are engineered system to employ a clean, fast, people-safe FM-200 gaseous agent. The system offers versatile waterless protection for small, medium and large shipboard applications including machinery spaces and other Class B fire hazards. The system provides flexible location of agent storage cylinders and the compact design helps reduce weight.

These fire suppression systems can also be used to protect land-based applications like data rooms, computer & electrical cabinets, storage containers, vehicles, military, sea cans, wind turbines and diesel generator enclosures.

NAE Series marine fi re protection systems offer the quickest and most efficient means available today of extinguishing fires on boats with inboard engines.

The secret is the extinguishing agent, a special blend of NAF-SIII that actually interferes with the chemical process of fire.

How fast? Within ten seconds less than the time it took you to read this paragraph.

The high efficiency of NAE extinguishers means they can be smaller and lighter but still pack a punch that knocks the wind out of any fire.